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Monday, December 9, 2019

Is it possible to hack Facebook?

Is it possible to hack Facebook?

Is it possible to hack Facebook? The short and straightforward answer is yes! Every security system can be broken down, but this is not possible for the general people. Before dive into the core observation, we should consider the primary thing of hacking.

Suppose, you log in to your online account from your friend's computer, but you forgot to logout, there is more possibility to be Compromised your account credential. In this situation, if you claim that your account got hacked, then it sounds funny. I don't want to Acknowledge it hacking ( though it is a part of hacking ). There is updated encryption Technology where your data is kept as encrypted. If you want to break this encryption( Like AES or PGP ) Technology You should have invested lots of years with your supercomputer and the only expert can do this. If you keep updated yourself with the latest technology even, then your account gets compromised then it is not your fault, this is a technological limitation.

So now, without any further ado, let's dive into the main point. Here I will discuss the possible ways how our facebook account gets compromised.
Opening a Facebook account from a friend. 
Details: Generally the people who don't know about internet and technology they take help from their nearest person to open a Facebook account. When their relationship weakens, they are affected by each other. This is the typical scenario, and maximum people suffer from this, usually girls. Suppose you have opened a Facebook account from your friend. The friend opened a Facebook account using his mobile number or email. After opening it, he said you to change the mobile number and email address later. If you think, changing the mobile number, password, email address then the account is going to be yours then you are wrong. Primary information is crucial to recover any account. When someone claims to have an account on their own, Facebook Google gives great importance to the primary data. And since the primary information is known to that friend, he can recover the account even if you have all the updated information. So it is advisable not to give your account to others or to use the password provided by someone in your account.
Using a mobile number on a Facebook account.
Details: Facebook does not allow an account without a mobile number. When Facebook first came to the market, they used to have an account without a mobile number. Later, they made the mobile number compulsory to prevent fake account. It's not a mistake to have a mobile number on a Facebook account. But there are some precautions to be taken.
A) The password reset facility should be turned off by mobile number.
B) Password reset can be done via email only.
C) Two-factor authentication must be enabled, but it must be used by a third party application (Microsoft or google authenticator), OTP cannot be allowed on mobile number.
Not to mention the importance of the email associated with the Facebook account.
Details: Since Facebook sends all the security notifications to the email associated with the account, so it is essential to have an email account secured. Many people think that email account only needs when opening a Facebook account. It is requested to give more importance to your email account than your mobile number. (Haha)
Login Facebook Account Everywhere.
Details: There is nothing wrong with logging into Facebook accounts everywhere. But those who have high-security concerns will certainly avoid it. Without a secure Internet connection, data transmission is not safe, so you should avoid using unfamiliar internet connections, especially in public places. Since WiFi is not very accessible in the public space in our country, so I don't want to say much about it.
Many people use their friends' laptops, mobile phones for Facebooking and left without logging out. Many people call it hacking (LOL). If this ever happens by mistake, then you have nothing to lose. You can always log out your account from any other device. Many people are frustrated at not being able to log out of Facebook when the electricity or internet session is gone to use Facebook, and there is nothing to discourage, you can clean browsing history.
Using a lot of different third-party applications.
Details: There are some so-called cool apps! Like Face App. These are for the cool public. If you are a person like them, then you are welcome to use it, no problem. Because there is a need for fun in life(Right?), using these, your account will not be hacked. These applications will only steal your data and sell it to third parties, for advertising. Security concerns of high level are firmly unrecommended to use this application.
The tendency to open multiple Facebook accounts in your name and frequently to change the Facebook username. 
This is a significant point. More than 90% of people do it. If there is a problem with their Facebook account, many people open another account without worry or message to their friends telling them I have a little problem with that account and this is my new account. Now you think what if someone else does the same job you did? Whether they really have time to verify, it is you or someone else?. Multiple account detection does not work without verifying Facebook's identity. Facebook's face detection technology is excellent, so anyone who uses your pictures. Facebook can notify you. But multiple account detection will not work as your account is not verified.
For this reason, you must refrain from using multiple accounts. If you have problems with your account, try to resolve it. Facebook will never deactivate your account if you have not done any legal activity. Do not share any pornographic links, especially child pornography, via Messenger on Facebook. Make it a habit to report on any illegal activity, and then your account will be protected. The less you give your information on Facebook, the better it is to provide that information when your account is suspended. Use the correct date of birth but keep it private. The exact date of birth does not tell you the day you came to earth, what is written in your document. If you want to give new information when verifying your Facebook account, you can do it if you want to provide the correct date of birth at that time.

facebook.com/(username) username is written in the bracket section that is unique for each account. Facebook didn't allow it to change at first, but currently, it can be changed over a while, subject to being available. So my recommendation is that once you've got your desired username it doesn't need to be replaced. Unique Facebook Link, Unique Identity.
Many people have family members on their profile, and they are not comfortable with that. So they prefer to open a new account to chill with friends. In that case, I would say there is no need to open a new account. There is an option on Facebook called Friendlist. There you can sort out the friend lists. You create a friend list for your family members with the family name. Make a list for the teacher. Make a list for senior citizens. Create a list for close friends. When you share a status or funny thing on Facebook, you determine who your target audience is. Select the people for whom you are writing the status in your privacy, then only they will be able to view the content.
That is all about some privacy and security tips. Now bonus tips.
Facebook Security has increased a lot since the Facebook data scandal. The encrypted notification system is one of them. You can get any of your notifications in encrypted form if you want. In this case, you will get extra layer security. PGP (pretty good privacy) technology can be used on Facebook. If you use it, the notification that Facebook sends you will be encrypted, with the decryption key only available to you. Even if someone tries to reset your password using your email, they won't be able to. It is good to say one thing. If you are using Google's email or Microsoft's email, you will need to maintain a complicated procedure to use PGP technology. But if you use proton mail based in Switzerland, this will be easier in many cases. I hope those who understand and those who don't understand will try to understand YouTube from Google. However, be aware that if you use encryption technology on Facebook, and you never forget your password, you will never be able to recover this account. So again, this section is only for exporters.

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