Monday, January 6, 2020

Standout yourself through LinkedIn

Currently, a large part of the job hiring is through the use of social media. However, it is not too long ago when advertisements were put in the newspaper for recruitment. A recent survey showed that recruitment in the world now accounts for 3% of social media. Of these platforms, LinkedIn is the best medium for professional employment. The question is how to create a professional profile on this site? Remember that a LinkedIn profile is your online identity. So it is not necessary to make a small resume but to adjust it properly. So that your professionalism is clear to the employer.

Why do we need LinkedIn? How does it work?

↦ The biggest social media of professionals is LinkedIn. There are about more than 4 million LinkedIn users worldwide. The whole world is moving forward. Why do you stay behind where you can find so many people on one platform?

↦ LinkedIn is a global communication medium. LinkedIn can be found by anyone at any company in any part of the world.

↦ In developed countries, many people get “paid jobs” through LinkedIn.

↦ By joining the LinkedIn website you will get all job notifications on LinkedIn.

↦ LinkedIn will tell you which jobs you actually need to apply for.

↦ You can like, share or comment on any of your or others' posts on LinkedIn, it will go to the home page of those who are also connected to their profile. Many do not have a link to LinkedIn to spread their good news.

↦ You can apply directly to many multinational companies using LinkedIn.

↦ Following the pages or groups of domestic and multinational companies, you will get to know their updates, information about the company, information about the employee who is working in that company and so on.

↦ LinkedIn offers you the opportunity for endorsement, which will give you the opportunity to easily point out how skilled you are at a specific task.

↦ On LinkedIn, you can upload your various documents, such as resume, project profile, work planning, etc. Showcase them so those who visit your profile can view your CV if they want.
Now let’s take a look at how to create a professional LinkedIn profile:

Use a handsome profile picture
You need to use your own profile picture in the profile. Keep in mind that the head and face are straight and smart looking. There cannot be any pictures like modeling or selfies. In order to create a good impression in the first look, you should pick the best picture of you. You must refrain from giving pictures of animals, flowers in the profile. Overall, It should be noted that the picture is from a real and professional person.

Make a good title 
You need to express yourself in the title within 120 characters and of course correctly. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform of good quality. Employers do a search to find a professional worker. So there is no substitute for taking care of it. The title should be given in such a way that recruiters can find the subject they are searching for.

Describe yourself in short
This section can be arranged with a few words about you. Experience can be added briefly. Infographics or pictures to your own experience. That means something has to be added to attract the reader in the shortest possible time. If you make them attracted to the topic here, the employer will be interested in going through the rest of the profile section. Note that if the reader gets upset with this section, they will skip your profile. That's why you have to make yourself creative, and confident at any point. 

Highlight the experience 
In this section, you have to describe your experience. The job you have already done or the job you are working on. Here's a look at what is on your CV and keep both the same. Mention what works best for you. Here are the rules of your work area, designation, job description, time limit of how long you worked. Add keywords to this section for search engine optimization (important to rank on google). The importance of the keywords in each section should be emphasized. 

LinkedIn is a lot more than Facebook in terms of career. You can showcase yourself on LinkedIn like what you are doing, what you did new, you can also publish notes. So get yourself through LinkedIn. Remember, in the present age, you cannot proceed without a network or a link. Get the attention of others, by your own work. Find yourself clearly through all the communications.


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